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Archives Management Warehouse

Records Storage Services


Why Consider "Outsourcing" to a Commercial Records Management Company?

Key Benefits of an Off-Site Records Management Company

  • Have easy access to your records

  • Increase your efficiency

  • Pay only for space used

  • Pay only for services used

  • Reduce in-house personnel costs

  • Receive high quality service

  • Service

  • Centralized Control of Records

  • Confidential and Controlled Access

  • Retrieval and Delivery Direct to You

  • Operate According to Carefully Developed Procedures

  • Computer Based Management of Your Records

  • Custom Solutions to Your Unique Needs

Are your records getting out of control? Could the space being taken up by boxes of business records be used for a more productive and profitable purpose? Do you need help in determining the proper amount of time to retain your business records?


Archives Management Warehouse is helping clients answer these questions and many more. AMW provides the following services for it's clients:


Records Retention Schedule Development

Do you have a records retention policy and schedule for your business records? AMW can help you develop one and/or interpret what you presently have in place.


Business Records Storage and Management

Archive Management Warehouse offers affordable alternatives to in-house storage or use of rental storage units for records retention.

Your inactive business records can be stored confidentially and securely at AMW in a temperature controlled environment. AMW helps organize all of your records and provides a complete listing of all records being managed by AMW.


Business Records Retrieval Service

With just a phone call or email request from an authorized person from your company, your records can be picked up or delivered directly to you by AMW delivery service.


Records Destruction and Disposal Service

AMW provides confidential destruction of business and personal records by use of industrial shredding. All shredded materials are recycled and a certificate of destruction is issued to the client.

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How do I get this

under control ?

Where do I start ?

How long do I

have to keep

this stuff ?

Archives Management Warehouse is Ready to Store and Manage Your Records For You !

Business Records

can be divided into

3 Groups:


Active        Keep On-Site

Current, Last Year

and 2 Years Ago


Inactive        Store Off-Site

3 Years Ago to

End Of Retention Periods

Plus Permanent Records


Out of Retention        Destroy

Records Out of

Retention Periods

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