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Archives Management Warehouse

Government and your industry dictate as to how long certain records should be maintained. When that period of time has elapsed it is time to schedule those records for destruction & disposal.

Records Destruction Services

No Quantity is too Small or too Large !


Records Destruction and Disposal Service


certificate of destruction

Certificate of Destruction

  • Our Scheduled Service - Regular weekly, biweekly or monthly service. We supply locked security consoles to store your confidential materials between shredding visits.


  • Our Clean-Up Service - We destroy records, materials and products that have accumulated over time or in preparation for an office move.


  • Our Purge Services - Scheduled Destruction of archives, books of account and old records.


  • Our Call-In Services - Simply call us when you require service, and we will dispatch a truck.

Archives Management Warehouse specializes in confidential destruction of business and personal documents. All documents are brought in-house for shredding. Documents are first accurately weighed and then shredded by industrial shredders. A certificate of destruction is issued to the client upon completion of destruction. Pricing for confidential destruction is based on a volume discount schedule based on total weight.

Why Shred ???

Your business produces documents containing sensitive and confidential information . The secure destruction and disposal of your documents is essential to comply with legislation and to maintain commercial integrity.  

Archives Management Warehouse also Destroys CDs and Floppy Disks.