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Archives Management Warehouse
Our Services

Records Management Consulting

Develop retention schedules for your records that meet your industry standards.

Organize your filing system for present usage and future archival at the same time.

Records Storage Services

Storage, protection and secure management of your off-site business or personal records.

Records Destruction Services

Cost-effective solutions for confidential shredding and disposal of sensitive documents.

Records Retrieval Services

Need a document fast? We can find and deliver the document (s) you need when you need them!

We Recycle !

99.5% of everything we bring in to our facility is RECYCLED!

Our Facility
Archives Management Facility

Archives Management Warehouse is a full service document management and storage company providing confidential and secured storage and access.  AMW's mission is to provide superior cost effective document storage, management, customer access and delivery services for their clients.

  • Metal and Concrete Building

  • Temperature Controlled Storage Area

  • Building Secured by TYCO Security System

  • All Items Stored on Metal Shelving and Racking

  • Only Employee Personnel Allowed in Storage Areas

  • Fire Protected, Smoke Alarms, No Sprinkler Service

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