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The "Security Console" provides the highest level of security in the document destruction industry. Security Consoles serve as a secure and confidential method to collect documents for destruction that are produced on a daily basis that should not go into the dumpster. Your documents remain locked inside the "Security Console" until our personnel pick up the contents on a scheduled basis as determined by you.

The "Security Console" is HIPAA and GLB Approved!

  • Staff deposits confidential materials into the security console

  • Console will hold up to 125 lbs. of paper

  • It is not necessary to remove staples or paper clips

  • Full top surface area available for placement of fax machine, printer, or other office items

  • Tamper evident locking system

  • Comes complete with draw string nylon bag for ease of securing and removing contents

  • Attractive solid construction blends with any office decor

  • Console comes completely assembled

  • Confidential materials are picked up by our trucks on a scheduled basis and taken to our facility where they are weighed and then shredded

Eliminates wasting valuable employee time at the office shredder.

Eliminates shredding equipment outlay, maintenance and insurance costs.

HIPAA Compliant Document Solutions

HIPAA Compliance

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 [HIPAA] calls for improved efficiency in the healthcare industry through the standardization of electronic data interchange, as well as the protection of confidentiality and security of health data through rigorously enforced regulations. This means, in order to reach compliance with HIPAA, healthcare organizations [and virtually any organization that handles personal health care information] must meet standardization requirements for electronic patient health, administrative, and financial data. Additionally, security standards established by HIPAA exists to protect the confidentiality and integrity of "individually identifiable health information". This applies to current and future records, as well as archived past information.


The new HIPAA regulations apply to every healthcare organization. Healthcare providers, health plans, employers, public health authorities, life insurers, clearing houses, billing agencies, information system vendors, service organizations, and universities are all accountable to the HIPAA requirements. Compliance for the Transactions Rule took place October 2002. For the Compliancy Rule, compliance was mandated by April 14, 2003.


For many in the healthcare industry, the need to meet HIPAA requirements could cause a number of headaches and data processing bottlenecks.


Archives Management Warehouse can help you meet HIPAA requirements, simply and painlessly. We can keep you compliant regarding privacy and chain of custody of personal health information. We understand the HIPAA regulations, and have been working with our clients to meet HIPAA guidelines since the rules became effective. We can help ensure that your organization is HIPAA compliant, too.



Security Consoles/Document Disposal Lock Boxes