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Archives Management Warehouse

Why should we turn our records over to a professional manager?

Some key factors: Frees up high cost space for more productive use. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best. Provides a higher level of security.

Archives Management Warehouse FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

What kind of security do you have at your facility?

Our facility is protected by an TYCO Security System with direct dial to the State Police.

How will I be able to know what I have in storage?

We will supply you with a control binder which will outline everything you put in storage with us. We will also maintain a duplicate on our premises.

How will you know where my records are in your facility?

Each box number in storage will be assigned a storage location number which tells us which aisle, row and shelf that your records are stored on.

Will our records be kept together in one contiguous area?

No. For efficiency purposes we put your records in the first available space. Our storage location numbering system insures that your information is specifically located. This also provides you with an additional level of security as all of your data is not stored in one area exclusively.

How much space may we have?

We can provide all the storage space that you require.

May we use our own boxes for storage?

Yes, as long as they are "industry standard" size boxes. We also have storage containers available at competitive prices.

Does the size of the storage carton make a difference?

Yes. Our storage rates are based on cubic feet of space displacement.

What is your pricing structure, and how is it applied?

Rental pricing is based on cubic foot displacement. Service pricing is based on usage and volume.

Do you have pickup and delivery service?

Yes. We can accommodate all of your pickup and delivery requirements.

How quickly can I get my records delivered to my facility when they are needed and will you retrieve them for us?

We are on call from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily. We normally schedule items to be delivered the next business day. On an emergency basis we can get your records to you the same day. We retrieve and refile all of your records for you.

How do we get started in setting up a professional records program?

The first step is to set up a records retention schedule so you will know which records to keep and when they should be destroyed. Our consulting staff will be happy to perform this service for you.

How do I prepare boxes to go offsite?

We will show you how to organize your records and then provide you with preprinted box labels. You will affix the labels to your boxes and call us for a scheduled pick-up.

Do you destroy records, and can you provide a listing of what has been destroyed?

We send destruction notices per request and require our clients to sign off on a Destruction Authorization Form prior to any records being destroyed. Once the records are destroyed, we certify the destruction by signing the Destruction Authorization Form and return the original to you for your records.